Bodyfence Training Course


Bodyfence PPF Training Course

Cost :   $1,500 + tax
Duration : 3 Days 10am – 5pm (Feb 26th, 27th, 28th)

Program Details

Day 1

Morning : 3H
Introduction to HEXIS company
  1. Products, tools & PPF overview
  2. MATMAK Software and Precut Tool presentation
Afternoon : 4H
  1. Hands-on cutting techniques on the Exercise Hood (Scratch-Free)
  2. Workshop cleanliness, decontamination, and vehicle inspection
  3. Demonstration of vehicle measurement and pattern creation
  4. Vehicle final preparation before PPF installation
  5. Demonstration of PPF installation by Hexis Master Trainer
  6. Summary of Day 1 achievements

Day 2

Morning : 3H
  1. Application of PPF on Hood, Front Fender and Doors by the trainee
  2. Demonstration of PPF installation on Side Mirror by the Master Trainer
Afternoon : 4H
  1. Application of PPF on Front Bumper, Back Fender and Side Mirror by the trainee
  2. Summary of Day 2 achievements

Day 3

Morning : 3H
  1. Preparation of PPF Precut kits
  2. Application of the Precut Kits on Fenders, Front Bumper and Side Mirrors by the trainee

Afternoon: 4H

  1. Application of Precut Kits on Bonnet and Bumpers by the trainee
  2. Demonstration of PPF Film Removal Techniques utilizing steam or alternative methods
  3. Vehicle surface cleaning to remove all adhesive residue.
  4. Training assessment and final summary
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