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GCC RX ll 24″ Vinyl cutter

The brand new RX II 24″ of cutting plotters are available in four sizes, 61cm, 101cm, 132cm, and 183cm.

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GCC vinyl cutter

GCC RX ll 24″ Vinyl cutter

The GCC RX ll 24″ Vinyl cutter supports triple port connectivity with USB, serial and Ethernet ports. The USB port provides faster and more convenient data transmission between the computer and RX II. Ethernet connection enables multiple RX II to be operated by one PC and multiple PCs to share a single unit. Triple port connectivity provides sign makers with great flexibility for data transmission.

The RX ll 24″ Vinyl cutter designed With a stylish appearance and new functional features, the RX II series is the top-notch cutter in the market for professional signmakers.

  • Enhanced AAS II Contour Cutting System

    The RX ll 24″ Vinyl cutter features a standard Automatic-Aligning System (AAS II) to guarantee precise contour cutting by automatically detecting the registration marks on digitally produced images.
    Functions include:
    Gcc cutter 1st-mark auto-detectiongcc cutter 4-point positioning
    GCC Vinyl cutter Segmental positioning  gcc cutter Multiple copies

  • Guaranteed 10m Tracking Ability

    The exclusive grid drum and precisely engineered mechanism provide superb tracking ability.

  • 600 Grama of Cutting Force

    Selectable cutting forces, ranging from 5 to 600g, accommodate various materials, including fine and thin masking films to thick and hard reflective films.

  • Efficient Throughput

    The RX II series cutting throughput outperforms the competition at up to 60 inches per second of cutting speed.
    For more info: http://cssupplies.com/product/gcc-puma-iv-cutter/
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Additional information

Weight100 lbs
Dimensions57 × 19 × 23 in

RX II-61(Creasing), RX II-61(24"), RX II-101S(40"), RX II-132S(52"), RX II-183S(72")



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