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Mutoh UH21 Rigid LED UV 220ml Ink


Mutoh UH21 Rigid LED UV 220ml Ink

Mutoh UH21 inks developing explicitly for the piezo drop-on-demand head technology integrated into Mutoh’s XpertJet / ValueJet LED UV printers. Also, Mutoh LED UV printers incorporate energy-saving excellent cure UV lamps that do not contain heavy metals, require no warm-up time and are ideally suited for heat-sensitive media. Prints come out dry and ready to finish or deliver.


Photos on wood, polycarbonate, rigid phone covers, badges, business cards, magnets etc. Rigid material: signboards, glass, PMMA acrylic sheet, aluminum board, etc. In addition, the inks are targeting explicitly short-run items or one-o designs of products. And, their prototypes, personalized gifts, packaging, souvenirs, awards, specialty industrial items, labels, signs, etc.

Explicitly developed for Mutoh’s LED UV printers, the LUH/UH21 ink set with white and transparent inks allows you to print on both objects and rigid materials. The 4-colour plus white and transparent LUH/UH21 inks deliver ultra-sharp, high-quality output on transparent and coloured substrates, plus multi-layer and spot varnish effects.

The inks are delivered in 220 ml cassettes or 800 ml packs (500 ml white) High added value could be created thanks to the use of white and clear inks, enabling printing on transparent media and non-white substrates multi-layer printing and spot varnish effects. Unleash your creativity and discover numerous new application possibilities! Mutoh LUH/UH21 inks will deliver exceptional print quality on various solid materials and objects, including ABS, wood, Alu board, PC, PE, PET, PMMA (acrylic), PP, PS, PVC, cardboard, glass, …

Compatible with:

  •  ValueJet426UF
  • ValueJet626UF
  • XpertJet461UF
  • Xpertjet661UF
  • Valuejet1638UH


Additional information

Weight0.85 lbs
Dimensions10.5 × 1 × 4 in

Black, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, White, Cleaning, Varnish




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