Mutoh UH21 UV LED 800ml Ink -

Mutoh UH21 UV LED 800ml Ink



Mutoh UH21 UV LED 800ml Ink

Mutoh UH21 inks have been specifically developed for Mutoh’s XpertJet/ValueJet LED UV printers, which utilize piezo drop-on-demand head technology. These printers incorporate energy-saving UV lamps that provide excellent curing without heavy metals. They require no warm-up time and are ideal for heat-sensitive media. The prints produced by these printers come out dry and ready to finish or deliver.

These inks are designed for a wide range of applications, including printing on various objects and rigid materials. You can use them to print photos on wood, polycarbonate, rigid phone covers, badges, business cards, magnets, and more. For rigid materials, you can print on signboards, glass, PMMA acrylic sheets, aluminum boards, and other similar surfaces.

Also, the inks are specifically tailored for short-run items, one-of-a-kind designs, prototypes, personalized gifts, packaging, souvenirs, awards, specialty industrial items, labels, signs, and more.

The LUH/UH21 ink set, developed exclusively for Mutoh’s LED UV printers, includes white and transparent inks. This allows you to achieve high-quality, sharp output on transparent and colored substrates, in addition, you can also create multi-layer and spot varnish effects with these inks.

The inks are available in 220 ml cassettes or 800 ml packs (500 ml for white). By using white and clear inks, you can add significant value to your prints. These inks enable printing on transparent media and non-white substrates, as well as achieve multi-layer printing and spot varnish effects. They open up a world of creative possibilities for various applications.

Application Possibilities

With Mutoh LUH/UH21 inks, you can achieve exceptional print quality on a wide range of solid materials and objects, including ABS, wood, aluminum board, polycarbonate, PE, PET, acrylic (PMMA), PP, PS, PVC, cardboard, glass, and more.

  • Enable printing on the widest range of materials
  • Rigid Inks: Suitable for rigid materials including objects
  • Output is dry and ready to finish right from the printer
  • Cool UV cure technology – low energy consumption and ideal for
    heat sensitive media
  • Non-HAP – no air purifier required
  • Excellent adhesion and scratch resistance

Compatible with:

  • ValueJet 426UF Printer
  • ValueJet 626UF Printer
  • XpertJet 461UF Printer
  • Xpertjet 661UF Printer
  • Valuejet 1638UH Printer


Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions10.5 × 2 × 4 in

Black, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, White, Cleaning, Varnish




Mutoh America


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