MUTOH Valujet 1938WX Dye Sublimation Printer -

MUTOH Valujet 1938WX Dye Sublimation Printer

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MUTOH Valujet 1938WX


Eco-Ultra Printer

Enter the world of textile printing with the 75 inch wide ValueJet 1938TX direct-to-textile printer from Mutoh. Create customized fashion apparel, upholstery, interior decor, scarves, trade show graphics, soft signage, flags, sportswear and much more. Print designs and photographic artwork directly onto a variety of fabrics including closed, open non-stretch, face-in and face-out roll media. It is high-quality engineering, Smart Printing Technologies, wide print area and fast print speeds are only a few of the features that make the ValueJet 1938TX a valuable addition to any print shop looking to enter or expand its textile printing applications.

The ValueJet 1938TX employs 2 heads for blazing fast print speeds up to 914 sqft/hr and the 8-channel piezo print head technology creates images that stand out and look sharp to even the most discerning viewers.


  • 75 inch direct to textile printer
  • Mutoh TP-11 Pigment ink (Full warranty)
  • 1938TX is compatible with
  • Reactive inks for rayon, cotton, and silks
  • Acid inks for nylon, silks, and wools
  • Disperse dyes for polyester
  • Pigment inks for natural, blended, and coated fabrics
  • Up to eight color
  • Staggered dual print heads, print speeds up to 914 sqft/hr
  • Front and back tensioning
  • Customized, easy to use feed and take-up system designed for fabric
  • Open RIP software architecture

Additional information

Weight183 lbs
Dimensions39 × 59 × 20 in

P4-60LX(24"), P4-132LX(52")

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